Traveling to Bangkok allows you to enjoy one of the most modern cities in all Southeast Asia. It is the most populated city in the whole country of Thailand. It is also the political, social and economic center of Indochina and Southeast Asia. Very busy city as it is a point of scale in the vast majority of trips to Southeast Asia.

The shopping offer is very wide, for its many shopping centers and markets both day and night.

Bangkok offers wonderful temples such as the Aurora temple “Wat Arun” perhaps one of the most popular and important in the city. No less important is the visit to the Grand Palace, with its Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The floating market is one of the attractions most sought after by travelers, on an organized trip to Bangkok, for its contrast of smells and colors, and interaction with the locals.

For those who do not have vertigo, we suggest to approach, after dinner, some of the best known hotels in Bangkok; Such as the Banyan Tree hotel, and enjoy a delicious gin and tonic on its rooftop, while enjoying a magnificent skyline of the Thai capital.