Bhutan is one of the most unknown countries in Asia, thanks in part to its many unique features, such as that you can only fly there with local airlines, from very few airports in the world, because it only has one very small and complex international airport. In addition, Bhutan is considered one of the least developed countries in the world, to the point that it is considered one of the few that absorbs more carbon dioxide than it emits, thanks in part to its vast nature and mountainous terrain that has spectacular valleys.

Bhutan is a country without access to the sea, hidden in the depths of the eastern Himalayas, which borders India and China. The latter do not have a great relationship with them at present, so India is Bhutan’s great commercial partner and the only one which it has open land borders with.

The Land of the Thunder Dragon is a small kingdom that was inhabited by Tibetans who introduced Mahayana Buddhism into the country in the VII century, and it is still the only official religion in the country, giving it an important cultural richness full of ancestral traditions, which are still preserved today.

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