Kyaing Tong

Extensión a Kyaing Tong

Tucked away in a corner section of the country, in north western Shan State, is the placid and historic Kyaing Tong. It was built around a small lake, dotted with Buddhist temples and long-lived ruinous British colonial architecture and is probably the most attractive town in Shan. The town was opened to tourism in 1993, offering one of the most remote inhabited mountainous valleys of Myanmar. Besides visiting temples and monasteries in the area we may enjoy the water buffalo market which is celebrated on the outskirts of the city. The market is open every day and is like a used car shop, with sellers who preach the virtues of their animals while buyers note defects. Additionally the area around the city has interesting mountain landscapes, ideal for trekking followed by interesting ethnic minorities like Akha or Mon.