Trip to Laos

The province of Champasak, near the border with Thailand, is one of the largest tourist centers in Laos which attracts travelers from all over the world looking to add to their travel itinerary through Laos stunning landscapes and unforgettable cultural visits.

The Bolaven plateau is located in the south of Laos and between several provinces, although it is mainly within the province of Champasak. The region of the plateau is crossed by several rivers, stands out for the coffee crops and the spectacular waterfalls. For travelers who love trekking and hiking this area of ​​southern Laos, it is perfect for making routes of greater or lesser difficulty across the plateau of the Bolaven Plateau.

Following in the province of Champasak, we must also highlight Vat Phou, more than 1000 years old, this archaeological complex is formed by templesmayorista de viajes, Laos viajes a medida, viajes a medida Laos and ruins and represent one of the best examples of development of the Jemer civilization during the 5th to 15th centuries . Vat Phu, is one of the essential visits on a trip to the south of Laos, which brings us closer to the culture that is part of Laos history.

We can not leave Champasak without first visiting the widening of the Mekong River and entering the kingdom of the 4000 islands, a geographic space declared World Heritage by Unesco and offering unique landscapes, sandy beaches, amazing villages for its culture autochthonous and their traditional style of life.

Let yourself be seduced by this great little Southeast Asian country and discover our travel itineraries tailor made by Laos.