Safari in the jungle

Borneo Island is divided between Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. Brunei is the north side of Borneo Island. The side belongs to Indonesia is known as Kalimantan and the malayan side is divided between the Sabah and Sarawak towns.

Geographically Borneo Island is surrounded by China Sea, Célebes Sea and Java Sea. Another of the curiosities of Borneo is the wide river network of rivers that cross the country from the central part of the island in all the directions ending in all the seas that surround it, therefore one of the best ways to explore the Island is realizing A boat safari. The Kinabatangan River, in the state of Sabah, is a fantastic mangrove setting, ideal for experiencing a Boat Safari experience in Borneo, where you can discover animals such as the wild orangutan, nose monkeys, crocodiles and even pygmy elephants. An experience that will allow you to explore Borneo enjoying nature in a unique and unique environment.

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