Mai Chau

Hidden among mountains, the small village of Mai Chau is located 135Kms from bustling Hanoi and hides idyllic mountain scenery with verdant valleys of rice terraces fenced by hills, as well as villages with native tribes such as the ones that, although they no longer wear in a traditional way , Continue to keep their ancestral customs very present in their crafts and in the construction of their houses palafitos, houses of typical construction raised from the ground on pillars.

Due to the impressive surroundings, the whole area of ​​Mai Chau is ideal for travelers who want to include nature and countryside to their trip itinerary in Vietnam, being able to do outdoor activities, suitable for all travelers such as hiking trails, trekking, Enjoy bike rides or simply relax in a rural setting that stands out for the tranquility and the landscapes. Another of the cultural attractions of the area is the ethnic variety, which we can discover when visiting the small local villages of the valley, where ethnic minority tribes such as Thai or Muong live their cultures and traditions present in their colorful craftsmanship that we can find When visiting the local markets of the area.

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