Visiting Paralelo 17

One of the extensions we offer in our itineraries in Vietnam and allow travelers itineraries in Vietnamis the Parallel Extension 17.

As a brief introduction of the history of the country … during the Vietnam War, the country was divided into 2 parts Vietnam North and South, and this is where the dividing line called Parallel 17 is born.

The 17th parallel is the line that divided the border area demilitarized today, you can visit the emblematic village of Vinh Moc and its network of tunnels running from the north to the coast of the southern sea. These tunnels were created by the Vietnamese to escape the constant bombing that suffered during the war.

For travelers who love history, fascinating tour the network of underground passages imagining how he could pass the daily life underground. The tunnels are built at different levels and among other curiosities highlights the ventilation system allowed to smoke when cooking was expelled on the coast and therefore were not discovered by the enemy.

This extension may be included in any of our itineraries Vietnam.

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